March in the parade

Youth of all ages are encouraged to march in the parade! We take all kinds!

  • School QSA/GSA

  • School Clubs

  • Scout Groups

  • Community Organizations (Girls rock camp, 4-H, Scouts, ect...)

  • Friend Groups

  • Families 

    -Or you can just sign up as an individual! 

*Note to community organizations/businesses:

     This is a parade for the youth. Unlike most pride parades, the youth of Whatcom county will be marching in the parade and the adults, organizations and businesses that support them will be cheering on from the sidelines. Adults that represent these groups will be able to march with the youth (for example a few adult organizers of Girls Rock Camp may march with the youth that they serve as chaperones), but the youth will be the focus of the parade. 

If you would like to be involved as an organization or business try tabling at the festival or adopting a part of the parade route as a parade party coordinator (below)!


Table at the festival

The parade will end back at Bellingham High school where we will have a small festival where community organizations, businesses, and other groups that support LGBTQAI+ Youth of Whatcom County can set up tables to meet with the youth and share their resources with them.

Help Us Out!


Help us fill the streets!

adopt a section of the parade and fill it up with supporters along the sidelines

Sign up to be an

official volunteer

Help us out with a

financial donation


Offer an item or service to be raffled off to raise money for WYP

Open Mic & Talent Show

Talent Show.jpg

Following the parade there will be a small festival held at Bellingham High school featuring some performances (mostly TBA at the moment), but one thing for sure is that we will be having an open mic/talent show show featuring the youth of Whatcom County! Youth ages 13-19 are encouraged to get a costume and come up with an act! We'll accept acts of all different types; lip syncs, karaoke, gymnastic routines, magic acts, ect...

If you would like to perform in drag we will also have a hair and makeup artist on site to help you with your look!

Please have your acts be under 4 minutes and make sure they are family friendly.

Please have your parents sign you up 

The deadline for sign-ups is May 24th, so get your act together!


Volunteer & Participant Schedule

  • 8:30 Volunteer & tabling arrival 

  • 8:30-9:30 tabling set-up

  • 9:45 parade line-up  (BHS parking lot)

  • 10:30 Parade starts

  • 10:45 Festival

  • ​[festival events TBA]

  • 2:00 Festival ends, tablers and volunteers start cleanup


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